The Vito Proietti Scholarship

The Vito Proietti Scholarship will be awarded to one deserving scholar who possesses the mindset, and the potential to develop path-breaking innovations.

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Vito Proietti
Vito Proietti

About Us

Vito Proietti is a prolific entrepreneur, an active angel investor, and a giver who, whenever possible, gives back to the community. He is also the possessor of a heart of gold.

Vito Proietti

Vito has always been keen on helping those less fortunate than he. As an avid observer of the American educational system, he is deeply bothered by its built-in inequities. He sees the cost of education here for what it is…unacceptably exorbitant. It is through this lens that he has established the Vito Proietti $1000 scholarship.

Vito Proietti
Vito Proietti

As a financial guru and hard-core entrepreneur, Vito has made “tough” decisions for most of his career. But it is the tremendous amount of gratification he receives through the various charitable pursuits he involves himself with that provide him with the most joy. And now, as the founder of a scholarship based upon academic excellence, Vito will go the extra mile for a student who is struggling financially, yet determined to graduate.

Unwavering Support for One Academically Brilliant Student

Vito Proietti is passionate about the work he has invested his life in. It has kept him motivated to strive relentlessly toward accomplishing collective enlightenment. That said, Vito firmly believes that higher education is necessary for everybody, as only education helps individuals progress further and faster.

The tuition fees of most reputed colleges and universities are exorbitantly high, to the point that a majority of US citizens cannot complete their education without falling into tremendous debt. At the same time, student loans prove to be more of a curse than a boon as young people often become bogged down by the overpowering debts that they quickly come to understand will be burdensome for many years after graduation.

An Altruist to the Core

Vito Proietti wants to help students to become our leaders of tomorrow. He wants to motivate them and also equip them with the necessary tools to find their life’s vocation. Vito feels that… just like freedom, education is everybody’s birthright. This is the reason that the Vito Proietti Scholarship now exists.

About the Vito Proietti Scholarship

The awardee of the Vito Proietti Scholarship will be chosen for such attributes as a flawless academic track record and the quality of their original essay.

Eligibility Details

Application Submission Deadline: 15th-March-2022

Winner Announcement Date: 31st-March-2022.

Candidate is eligible when:

Enrolled at an accredited university or college in the United States.

How to Apply

The completed Vito Proietti Scholarship application must be submitted with relevant information, together with a 700-850 word essay addressing the prompt noted below.


Complete Name

Phone Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

Graduation Date

University name

Current GPA


How can sustainable growth be built using technology, innovation, and also excellence?

Vito Proietti Scholarship Winner Selection

The fortunate awardee will have $1000 transferred into his/her financial aid account, and be proudly listed on this website.

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