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Vito Proietti Scholarship is a highly acclaimed and also prestigious fellowship awarded every year to meritorious scholars who have the mindset and also potential to come up with path-breaking innovations and also revolutionize the present global scenario.

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Vito Proietti
Vito Proietti

About Us

Vito Proietti is a renowned personality an angel investor and also a prolific entrepreneur. Vito is undoubtedly a luminary in his niche and also a man with a heart of gold. A celebrity in his own right. He believes in giving back to the community.

Vito Proietti

Vito was always keen on helping the deprived and also less fortunate people. Vito was never happy with the American education system. He felt that the cost of education is exorbitant, and also many students are compelled to give up their studies midway due to the lack of funds to pursue higher education. He instituted the famous and also the much-aspired student scholarship to award deserving candidates every year. The prestigious fellowship offers 1000 USD to deserving candidates who have a flawless academic track record. He instituted the famous and also the much-aspired student scholarship to award deserving candidates every year. The prestigious fellowship offers 1000 USD to deserving candidates who have a flawless academic track record.

Vito Proietti
Vito Proietti

A design expert, financial guru, and also hard-core entrepreneur, he has got a tremendous amount of appreciation and also acclaim for his contribution to society as a whole. He is the founder of a scholarship for academic excellence. He has achieved lofty career goals thanks to his expertise, dedication, unfaltering commitment, determination to succeed. Vito is forever willing to consider going that extra mile to accomplish his vision and also business goals. He is an entrepreneur par excellence and also is happy to support young minds that are excellent in their studies.

Unwavering Support for the Academically Brilliant Candidates

Vito Proietti is passionate about the work that has kept him motivated to strive relentlessly towards accomplishing collective enlightenment. He has always appreciated and also encouraged meritorious students. Vito firmly believes that higher education is necessary for everybody as only education can help a nation progress faster. Vito has reiterated that there is no substitute for education. Moreover, higher education should be equally and also seamlessly available to everybody irrespective of his or her social or financial backdrop. 

He has realized that you cannot pursue higher education in the United States without burning a hole in your pocket. Tuition fees in most reputed and also recognized colleges and also universities seem to be exorbitantly high that most middle-class people cannot afford. At the same time, student loans could prove to be more of a curse than a boon as often young people are bogged down by overpowering debts as they are unable to make the outstanding loan repayments. Vito has committed himself to help out students with financial distress. Vito has instituted the Vito Proietti Scholarship to help out meritorious students finding it difficult to continue their studies due to a lack of funds.

Such deserving scholars are motivated and also invited by Vito to apply at the earliest for the Vito Proietti Scholarship. Vito has announced an impressive one-time amount of 1000 USD that should be treated as a gift and also not returnable. He has founded this highly-esteemed fellowship for the most talented, dedicated, and also deserving candidates with lofty career goals. Brilliant students with dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs may get an edge over others.

An Altruist to the Core

Vito Proietti offers an attractive but limited number of fellowships every year for academically brilliant and also exceptionally talented scholars. He is a big support to dedicated students who wish to complete postgraduate studies. Vito has wishes to nurture dedicated and also meritorious students. He wants to help students to become young leaders of tomorrow. He wants to motivate them and also equip them with the necessary knowledge and education to shine in their vacation of life in the future. Vito feels that just like freedom, education is everybody’s birthright, and also nobody should be deprived of it. Everybody should be given equal opportunities to acquire higher education. That is why he has come up with the much-aspired Vito Proietti Scholarship for the exceptionally talented and also deserving young minds of today.

About the Vito Proietti Scholarship

Vito Proietti Scholarship intends to nurture young students who take immense pride in their leadership attributes, skills, and also innovative thinking. The lucky winner of the Vito Proietti Scholarship will be appraised keeping certain parameters in mind such as flawless academic track record, GPA, quality and also originality of the required essays, and also leadership experience. This Scholarship is meant and also to be a philanthropic effort by Vito. This fellowship hopes to identify and also reward the best talent in the nation.

Eligibility Details

This Scholarship is suppose to be a merit-base monetary award wherein a total amount of 1,000 USD is offered to a single brilliant undergraduate students annually.

Scholarship Amount – USD1000/- each

Deadline: 15th-March-2022

Winner Announcement Date: The winner of the this Scholarship will be announced on 31st-March-2022.

A candidate is eligible provided he is

An American citizen or a legal resident of the U.S.A. The student should be willing to present the necessary documents for proving his US legal residency.

Enrolled in a renowned, certified, or registered university or college in the United States.

How to Apply

All Vito Proietti Scholarship applications and also may be submitted at the earliest through an official email in a perfect Word Document format. Send your email to info@VitoProiettiScholarship.com. Please remember to furnish all scholarship relevant info and also details. You may submit the details at the earliest along with your original essay. 

Here is the prompt: How can sustainable growth be built using technology, innovation, and also excellence?

Complete Name

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Graduation Date

An officially registered or accredited university or college you are studying

Your current GPA

Vito Proietti Scholarship Winner Selection

The fortunate student to win this immensely helpful scholarship founded by Vito Proietti will be intimate via an official email from his office. The winning applicant may revert to this email at the earliest indicating acceptance of the fellowship. The award money will be transfer at once to the legitimate bank account of the proud winner of this prestigious Scholarship. The fellowship winner and also will be announced on 31st-March-2022 at vitoproiettischolarship.com.

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